The redyal model

We are REDYAL.
We are ready to take on complex challenge
We are dynamic in our work-mode
We are always there for you.

See how we work in our REDYAL model

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Every business faces its own challenges. In these times, it sometimes becomes difficult to get through the maze of digital challenges and innovations, when being stuck in day to day operations.

We have all been there and we feel you. The good part is, that we are there to help. REDYAL consists of a group of highly skilled and dedicated people who are ready to solve your business challenges.

At the start of each project, we will closely investigate your issue to fully understand it. We then provide a tailor-made solution and a thorough execution. Will will offer a 360 degree support, from strategy, conception & execution.

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Solving issues and delivering what we promise lies in our DNA. The most important part is actually solving your issue. A strategy is nice but if there is no one to act on it, it does not provide a lot of value.

That is where we come in: Our team has expertise in a wide range of areas to make sure your issue is thoroughly solved. We also know that sometimes requirements and tasks can change - thats why we keep in close contact with you for the entire time to respond to changes quickly and dynamically.

And we give you a promise: We provide a solution that is right for you or you will not be charged for it.

Yes, you have read that right: We do not charge for the hours worked but for the solutions delivered. You will only get an invoice for the milestones you are satisfied with and never have to pay the full price upfront.

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You can see us as the SWAT team that comes in and solves an issue for you: Fast and efficiently.

But we offer so much more: We are there for you in any additional projects you have or maintain and improve the solutions we have build for you.

Whatever you do: We see us as a business partner rather than an agency.

At the end of each project you will get the documentation, source code and everything else to maintain it independently. Or you focus on your day-to-day tasks and we support you in further projects - with the same thoroughness and eye to detail as before.

And our “only pay when you are satisfied” policy will of course be used for all further projects.

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You’re in good company

We work with companies from many industries with diverse challenges.

Here’s how we turned their projects into a success story.

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